What is this site and why?

You probably already know a lot about the Forex market, currency pairs, about the kinds of analysis, etc.

We are not going to tell you the obvious - just google. But what we can give you - no one else will. When choosing a currency pair, strategy, analysis methods and tools of the trade - what is best supported? Yes, in my experience, their knowledge, clever books and methods. What else?

Here it is - the transaction statistics from 2010 to 2015, the largest Forex UK brokers.

Here you can find all the information on all transactions, namely:

  1. Currency pair
  2. Volume
  3. Broker
  4. Start date
  5. Indicators and assistants
  6. End date
  7. The exchange rate start and end
  8. Result
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Currency pair Bid/Ask Broker Start date Start exchange rate Volume * Indicators End exchange rate End date Result

*Please note that the specified amount of the minimum lot (10,000 of the base currency). If the volume of transactions was less than 0.1 lot - stated 0.1.

Who needs a Forex base?

What should I do with all this data? How to use it? It's simple! 1. You can see (and therefore to adopt) the most popular indicators that use real traders in the Forex market; 2. Learn who the largest broker by trading volume and number of customers (of course, it's not 100% the argument, but it is very big companies live longer); 3. To find out in what currency pairs and in what period of time the highest activity of brokers; This information you will not find anywhere else! And it's absolutely free!